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United Kingdom flag redesign, 2007


N55 has initiated a new campaign called NO BORDERS CAMPAIGN. NO BORDERS CAMPAIGN aims to abolish all borders in the world As a part of NO BORDERS CAMPAIGN, N55 offers the service to redesign national symbols such as flags, national anthems, buildings etc. By redesigning the symbols N55 hopes to provide new symbols that all persons could be really proud of


Borders between nations, and nations as such, are ideological constructions that exclude other persons socially and prevent them from sharing land, water, food and other resources. To exclude other persons in this way is not in compliance with the fact that persons should be treated as persons and therefore as having rights. It makes no sense to talk about persons and persons' rights if persons are not allowed to participate in society, stay on the surface of the earth, drink the water etc. If we want to respect persons and persons rights' we must try to share the land and resources of the world.
It is not possible to accept borders between nations or nations themselves and at the same time respect persons and persons' rights


N55 is prepared to use all necessary means to try to abolish all borders in the world, as long as those means are in compliance with the logical relation between persons and persons rights: Persons should be treated as person and therefore as having rights.
The manual will be updated when new ways of promoting NO BORDERS CAMPAIGN are launched

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Norwegian flag redesign, 2006


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