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The SOLAR POWER STATION can supply a daily energy consumption of approx. 600 Wh, corresponding to the constant running of 4 12 W light bulbs and a 12 V / 14 W / DC sound equipment.Current solar modules have an efficiency of approx. 15 %, i.e. 15 % of the sunlight exposed to the photovoltaic cells is converted into energy.


The SOLAR POWER STATION is constructed from three main components: The solar modules, the solar charge controller and the battery bank. The solar modules are mounted onto a lightweight framework of steel struts with built-in plastic tanks which hold the batteries and the charge controller The photovoltaic cells in the solar modules consist of singlecristalline silicon. The solar cells produce direct current when exposed to sunlight. The current is directed via the solar charge controller to the battery bank or directly to the equipment one wants to run. Excessive electricity, which is not immediately consumed, is stored in the batteries and can be used when needed. The Solar Power Station is equipped with a voltage / DC-AC converter The solar charge controller secures the battery bank against overloading and regulates the charging and the consumption of each connection The battery bank is dimensioned to store energy for one week´s consumption, in order to be able to cover e.g. cloudy days or periods when more energy is needed. During summer (May-August) when sun radiation peaks, consumption may be increased or the battery bank may be enlarged to store excessive energy



In order to ensure an optimum use of the photovoltaic cells, the solar modules must be mounted facing south, on a surface leaning approximately 55 degrees. ( Copenhagen, Denmark position ) The battery bank need constant ventilation. If necessary a ventilation duct can be installed.


The photovoltaic cells are highly durable and are not worn out. Solar modules must be handled carefully as they break easily, like glass. If the surface gets covered with dust or dirt the efficiency of the modules is reduced. Therefore regular cleaning with pure water is required, and if necessary some optical cleansing liquid. can be used. The liquid level of the batteries must be checked, especially in warm weather.


The COMFORT MODULE is contructed especially for connection to the Solar Power Station. The Comfort Module has four 12 W lamps and a 14 W discplayer with loudspeakers, built into a framework similar to the one used for Solar Power Station. The module can be run for 5-10 hrs a day, depending on the sunlight. The Comfort Module can be combined with sofas, beds etc, to provide a relaxing environment.

Tecnical specificatins:

Max. performance/day: 726 W.
Battery Bank: 2772 Wt.
Solar module peak effect: 4 x 55 W.
Weight: Approx. 150 kg.
Height: 160 cm, width 130 cm.


M4 pc. solar modules, Siemens SM55
1 pc. Solar Charge Controller R 1230
3 pc. battery, 110 At
32 pc. 110o + 48 pc 70o struts in stainless acid resistant steel AISI 316 L,
3 pc. octahedral plastic tanks, Low Density PE.
1 pc. 220V converter 12V, 125 W, ME923
4 pc. fuse, forkshaped 5 A
40 m. mounting cable, 2x1, 5q HO7RN-F, black
30 m. cable, Radaflex 1 x 16q, black
6 pc. polar grip, positive/negative, 25-35 M/M
3 pc. Hanging Fuse socket, 16 A
10 pc. fuse, ceramic, 16 A
5 pc. fuse, forkshaped, 30 A
6 m. installation cable 2x4, 0q, flat/grey
6 m. battery-parallell cable P/N
Extra equipment: Comfort Moduleax. performance/day: 726 W.
Battery Bank: 2772 Wt.
Solar module peak effect: 4 x 55 W.
Weight: Approx. 150 kg.
Height: 160 cm, width 130 cm


SOLAR POWER STATION / COMFORT MODULE, Baltic art center, Visby, Gotland, 1999

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