We are looking for collaborators who want to setup a XYZ FACTORY in their part of the world for selling and maybe also producing the XYZ CARGO locally. You can read more about the XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES here
Its not a free ride. We are researching how to make Open Source work in reality. So far we have spend three years of time and a lot of resources in developing the system. To our collaborators we plan to deliver parts and offer a course in XYZ building in the XYZ FACTORY of N55 in Copenhagen, Denmark or at Till Wolfer's XYZ FACTORY in Hamburg, Germany. In return We expect collaborators to setup a local assembly place/ XYZ FACTORY. The collaborators will get a basic percentage of local sales XYZ CARGO is a highly durable sustainable, low tech, transport cycle. If you are interested please send us a mail to:

N55 BOOK update:
We are looking for a volunteer who would be interested in making the layout for a new updated version of the N55 BOOK. The work could be carried out remotely or in relation to an internship at the N55 studio in Copenhagen. If you are interested please send us a mail to: