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XYZ NODES is a new construction system developed by N55, based on an old well known principle of joining timber or steel struts together. XYZ NODES enables persons to design and easily build most of the structures that persons use in their everyday life in a low cost and durable way. Anything from houses and cycles to furniture etc can be made using the XYZ NODES system. With the introduction of the XYZ NODES N55 aims to facilitate local environmentally friendly production of things . The XYZ NODES things are based on the DIY skills and ingenuity of persons themselves instead of being fully dependant on large scale manufacturing and distribution processes. XYZ NODES supports local environmentally and social sustainable production. Designs for building all kinds of things will be developed together with N55 collaborators and published continuously at


The XYZ NODES is a simple method of building light weight things from durable materials in a low cost way. It enables persons to build things in a way that is similar to construction set toys like lego or Meccano, that are based on the principle of a few different parts repeatedly used to create an overall structure. All needed parts can be produced manually using very basic tools: A drill and a metal saw. Or it can be produced using advanced CNC technology. XYZ NODES is based on rigid connections between aluminium square tubes that do not require welding or similar. Structurally the XYZ NODES connection shares similarities with lashed joints used for example in the traditional wooden frames seen in inuit kayaks. Or rivet constructions such as airplane hulls or old ship hulls. It forms rigid corners that becomes flexible when exposed to forces that would break other joining methods like a welded joint. The XYZ NODES allows rigid frames relying on corner connections to be build that are not necessarily triangulated for greater strength, hereby leaving a free open space inside the frame to be used for other purposes hence for example the XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES mechanics build into the frame. A number of mechanical solutions and special connections have been developed. Please have a look at various solutions here:
Examples of XYZ designs initiated by N55, either already available or on its way are:

XYZ CARGO TRIKE og XYZ CARGO BIKE ( N55 in collaboration with Till Wolfer)
( N55 in collaboration with Till Wolfer)
XYZ OPEN CITY ( N55 in collaboration with Till wolfer)
XYZ HOUSE ( N55 in collaboration with Anne Romme) ( work in progress)
XYZ LAMPS ( N55 in collaboration with Till Wolfer)( not published yet)
XYZ TABLES ( N55 in collaboration with Till wolfer)( not published yet)
XYZ OMNICHAIR ( N55 in collaboration with Lærke Thorst Balslev) ( work in progress)
XYZ WASTEBIN ( N55 in collaboration with Lærke Thorst Balslev)( not published yet)
XYZ KAYAKS ( work in progress)
XYZ PUBLIC SPACE ROVER ( N55 in collaboration with Anne Romme, Sam Kronick, Bill Mckenna and Teis Draiby) ( work in progresst)

Please note that we do not have the capacity to provide construction drawings for all examples of use of XYZ NODES. However we are working on getting as many out there as humanly possible. Most things can easily be copied from a photo because of the simple construction method.
Furthermore some things like the special XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES models, XYZ CARGO TRIKE and the XYZ CARGO BIKE are based on the Open Source system, but has been developed as a product in order to finance further research and new things. In these cases persons are allowed to copy the things for non- commercial use and in compliance with this Creative Commons licence, but we do not facillitate the proces by providing construction drawings as such.

Example of XYZ NODES connection

Creative Commons and Open Source:

All N55 works are Open Source provided under the rules of Creative Commons as specified here. ( Copies only allowed for non-commercial use) Any use of N55´s works must include proper credits to N55, their collaborators and a link to Please feel free to submit new designs by mailing it for publishing to



Large concentrations of power dominate our society. Concentrations of power force persons to concentrate on participating in competition and power games, in order to create a social position for themselves. Because concentrations of power dominates our conscious mind and are decisive to our personal situations, the significance of our fellow humans diminishes. Our own significance is characterized by the significance we have for concentrations of power, the growth of concentrations of power, and the conflicts of concentrations of power.
It is clear that persons should be consciously aware of the rights of persons and therefore must seek to organise the smallest concentrations of power possible.

Large concentrations of power, in this case large corporations, have taken over the means of production and control the production of things needed by persons in their everyday life. This goes for anything from the production of food to the production of houses. By deliberately lowering the quality, things are produced to last only for a short while. This is not only to diminish production costs but also to make sure that consumers buy new things to ensure economic growth.

This system is supported and promoted by all politicians, regardless of their ideological background. It is considered to be a fact that we cannot create a good society without economic growth. This results in expanding corporations and repeated production of the same things over and over again. This is utterly stupid, but nonetheless the basis of all economical policies at present times. To keep the costs low and to maximize profits, things are produced in the lowest income areas in the world without any considerations for persons or the pollution of the environment. Unscrupulous governments profit from this situation to gain power over its own people as well as the rest of the worlds population. Workers in the Western world loose their jobs, their income, their houses etc.

Its also a well known idea that some persons and corporations are allowed to make money on economic transactions, shares, speculation etc, without doing any productive work themselves. These parasites are far away from the exploitation of other persons and can pretend that it has nothing to do with them. They never meet the persons they suppress.

This also means that societies are vulnerable and can be attacked anytime by persons or corporations that have no consideration for the other persons.

N55 propose that we concentrate on finding ways to exist with as small concentrations of power as possible. Among other things we propose that we produce things that would last. For example houses for all persons and houses that contributes with energy instead of using energy, food for all persons and extract raw materials without harming our environment. All this instead of concentrating on economic growth.
We also propose that persons use their democracies to stop corporations from expanding, divide them into small entities that are under the government of direct democracy and reform the financial system to ban non-productive profiting on other persons and their life.
Its increasingly important that we all reclaim the production of things and hereby the power over our own consumption and the things we need in our everyday life. To save the environment and to save ourselves. It is a matter of survival for planet earth.


Please respect the work and energy N55 and collaborators have put into XYZ NODES. Its important to respect the Creative commons licence. If persons can manage to distribute new knowledge and things in this way, we have a really important alternative to the repressive systems of patents and copyright, based on collaboration and ethics instead of competition and laws.
Some of the things we publish will be available as construction drawings, like the XYZ ONESEATER and some will not (like the XYZ CARGO TRIKES and BIKES). In this case we have chosen to make a product based on the Open Source system XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES in order to finance our research and new developments. The XYZ CARGO BIKES and TRIKES are sold at fair prices as kits, finished cycles or we charge persons at workshops where we show them how to build XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES.

Materials and extensions:

N55 has chosen primarily to use Aluminium for the XYZ NODES. But wood, steel or various plastics could also be used. If combinations like Aluminium tubes and stainless bolts and nuts are used, its important to use thin plastic washers between the materials, when used outdoors, to avoid galvanic corrosion.
The system is constantly growing and an archive of various mechanical solutions etc will be published later.

By N55

Thanks to

Architect and inventor Erling Sørvin for support and inspiring discussions, Architect Anne Romme for discussions, contributions and collaboration, Till Wolfer for collaboration, Jesper Rølund and all the other persons that contributed and helped develop this project.

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